keine Zeit.../ no time...

im Moment...schwerer Engelverkehr!
Diese Fingerübungen machen soooooo viel Spaß!
Ergebnisse gibt's im kleinen Lädchen
at the moment....heavy angel-traffic !
These finger-exercises are so much fun!
Results can be seen in the little shop


julie hat gesagt…
uschi, these illustrations are so cute. maybe you should think about a book. xx
mansuetude hat gesagt…
absolutely Love these; thought the last one was a pair of winter pajamas for a second; very cool.

also love your black nose image! Big big Blessings to YOU!
mansuetude hat gesagt…
thanks for the link!

But mostly, i Love what you wrote on Robyn's blog; about the breast pendant; wearing one of those; its a very symbolic idea of discernment, i think.