Eingangstür eines Ladens /entry of a shop in Krumau/Czech

Kreative und
entspannte Osterfeiertage wünsch ich euch!
Hund aus Bronze in einem Bauernhofmuseum/dog made of brass in a Farmhouse-museum

I wish you some creative and

relaxed Easter-holidays!


Martine hat gesagt…
Oh liebe Uschi ich dachte du zeigst mir den weg in dein atelier und der hund ruht sich aus bis du heute abend eine vollmondrunde fliegst.
Fröhliche ostern.
paula hat gesagt…
thank you Ursula for the name of the plant. you were right it is in fact a silene vulgaris. you are a plant expert and a star! : )
thank you!
wishing you a wonderful Easter too!
That House hat gesagt…
That dog! Love it!
Jo Horswill hat gesagt…
Happy Easter Uschi...we celebrate Greek Easter next week!!!
I love these images...ggod idea with the paint tubes! practical and looks fantastic. Jo xx
Uschi hat gesagt…
Martine, ach dieser Hund hat so eine Ruhe ausgestrahlt mit seiner schon ganz blank polierten Nase...
Den hätte ich gern hier liegen!

Paula, I love watching plants (and birds and insects)and all their shapes and lives are so inspiring...
I know you love that, too!
Living with open eyes! Yes!

Olga, I loved it too. It's been a point of piece and silence in the museum with it's alreadygolden shiny nose. So many tiny hands have polished it...

Jo,Happy Easter, now that it's Easter-day for you. too!
I have a Greek Neighbour and last week she told me about a Greek spice (and...blush...I've already forgotten it again...started with "M"). And we swooned about Galaktoburiko :)))