kreative Reisen /creative journeys

wieder einmal, wie auch schon hier hat ein reisendes Schmuckstück zu mir zurück gefunden.
Ausgehend von meinem Mittelstück ist es von vielen Menschen ergänzt worden wunderschön geworden. Jede einzelne Ergänzung ist handgefertigt!
Ich freu mich riesig!

once again, like also here a travelling piece of jewellery found back to me. Starting from my middle-piece lots of people added pieces and I think it's really wonderful. Every added piece is handmade!
I'm very happy.

Der Setzkasten auf dem das Schmuckstück liegt ist der Beginn einer Arbeit, zu der mich Kate
inspiriert hat...müsst noch ein wenig warten!

The letter case on which the jewellery is lying is part of something new Kate inspired me to do...have to wait a bit more!

Und...ratet mal, was ich gekocht habe!
And...guess, what I cooked!


kate hat gesagt…
I love the idea of travelling jewellery and yours certainly looks beautiful after the journey. How many people added to it? I also love the german word for jewellery...schmuck! And how exciting that I inspired something. I'm curious! What will it be? I think I may have an idea... But no idea what you were cooking!
jude hat gesagt…
oh, i too have posted about traveling! it is beautiful.
Uschi hat gesagt…
Kate, we were 14 in all, working with different materials: lampworked glass, felt, paper, clay and metall.
You still have to be a bit curious about your "inspiration" but I can enlighten you about the cooking:
delicious blackberry-jam!

Jude, your post about travelling is so much more personal than this piece of jewellery! I love it!
An what I like too, are your words about personal conversation!
I very much relate to it but couldn't form an answer yet (lack of concentration). In any case it reminds me of a book I read "Night-train to Lisboa" which was amazing in German but the English translation shall be poor. Has to do a lot with personal travel,independance and development in relation on the judging world around you!
Jo Horswill hat gesagt…
I knew you cooked jam!!! we get to see it?
Uschi, I love your well travelled necklace. What a superb idea! and what a gift!
Kate is a wonderful inspiration... I think whatever it is you are making...looks wonderful at this stage...hope to see more soon.
tumbleweed hat gesagt…
und ich hab sofort an Rote Gruetze gedacht....