dies und das / this and that

...es gibt Tage, die sind weniger farbig,
ich grummel so vor mich hin und knabber an diesem und jenem...nichts spezielles...

...there are days, which are not so coloured,
I sulk around, munching this and that in my mind....nothing special...

Aufheiterungsversuch eins:
cheer-up- experiment one:

...und zwei.....neu Kissen für's Sofa:
...and two...new cushions for the sofa:

...und außerdem gibt's wenigstens leckeres Essen.
...and at least we will have yummy food.

Das üben wir morgen nocheinmal mit der guten Laune!
Tomorrow we'll do another bright-mood-exercise!


kate hat gesagt…
Sorry that you're feeling a little low. I like your cheer-up experiment. Are those seed pods of some kind? They look like birds lazily floating in the air. Wish I could join you for a meal. It looks so good! Hope tomorrow is a more colourful day.
Uschi hat gesagt…
Good morning Kate ( well, over here..): these are no seed pods. This is paper-cord, un-twisted into tiny leaves!
I've torn corrugated board into pieces (mood-cooling) and decorated it with these leaves, which were mood-calming while making ;)
Jo Horswill hat gesagt…
...and you are still able to create wonderfully, even whilst feeling this way...
I think it's very calming and wise to use colours that reflect your mood. It's being honest & gentle to yourself and your artwork.
Look forward to seeing your "bright mood excercise".

Great food, can I join you and Kate too!
Uschi hat gesagt…
Hej Jo,
what about using the same recipe on one day all together. If it were vegetarian or with (commonly used) fish I would love to do this as a way to feel connected ;))
Any recommendations...Anybody else to join in?
kate hat gesagt…
It's wonderful what you did with the paper cord. They look like you picked them up right from the fields. And I can imagine how relaxing it is to untwist them. As for all following the same recipe...I'm in! Especially if it's vegetarian (I'm not a huge fish fan).
julie hat gesagt…
i know this feeling :) but your ideas are great mind distractors!
Did you make the cushion covers?
Hope your weekend is cheery.
Enjoy, hugs xxx
Robyn hat gesagt…
I love cheer-up-experiment-one!
Uschi hat gesagt…
Kate, I'll think about a recipe...or should we just use the same ingredients?

Julie, so so nice you're back!
Yes I made the covers! Since I first saw the happy "squint" sofas I love them, but I couldn't get strong enough fabric for a total cover so I only made some cushio-covers!

Hey Robin,
welcome here! I like number one too and I think it's a very extendable start!
babelfish hat gesagt…
I love this framed piece so much, my fav of your works! Also feeling really hungry just looking at the delicious food you've been having.
Uschi hat gesagt…
B. thank you so much for your appreciation.
What about making some spinach/tomato/feta in puff-pastry for yourself! Very Greek!

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