Kunst im geheimen / Art in the cache

in diesem wunderbaren Stück Holz haben die Pilze ihr Werk getan und feine schwarze Linien enstehen lassen. Ich habe es aus unserem Winterholz geklaubt und gesägt und geschmirgelt und lackiert und nun ist es ein Anhänger geworden für meine Mutter, die diese Holzgeheimnisse noch viel lieber hat als ich.

the funghi have done their work inside this beautiful piece of wood and created delicate black lines. I found this chunk inside our stack of winter-wood, picked it out, sawed and sanded and varnished it and now it's a pendant for my mother, who loves these secrets of the wood even more than I.

diesen Licht-Zauber hingegen hat der Mitarbeiter im Baumarkt vollbracht, indem er "nur die Kanten meiner neuen Arbeitsplatte begradigt hat und dabei so fein gearbeitet hat, dass nun das Licht durch diese Reste fällt und wunderschöne feine Linien zeigt.

this light-charm however has been achieved by the employee of a DIY-store, while trying to make the edges of my new worktop even and he worked so accurate that now the light is falling through the remains and shows beautiful lines, too.


redredday hat gesagt…
wow. amazing! what a great idea for a pendant. lucky mom. like an etching in nature the fungi have made. i guess these guys are not so yucky after all. :).

and the light through the wood piece is beautiful!! imagine having walls surrounding you like that. i would love that. and what is a 'worktop' for? is that for a worktable or kitchen countertop?
Martine hat gesagt…
Ist nicht die natur ein kunstwerk an sich?
julie hat gesagt…
wow, the fungi certainly did a great job - it looks so interesting! What kind of wood is it?

Im am confused about the bottam image. Is this your worktop or a piece of wood that came out of it. The light shining through is beautiful showing the circles too.

jude hat gesagt…
such an interesting document of nature at work!
cally hat gesagt…
funghi creations, i like that.
thanks so much for the birthday wishes, and happy birthday to you too x
Marjojo hat gesagt…
Hey, Uschi, I'm on a blog-dripfeed today and had to stop by. I like the pendant, accident of nature, beautiful. And the half-transparent wood piece is gorgeous, what a lucky Überbleibsel! A tantalising glimpse of a new drawing too, how are you getting on with it? Last but not least and taking my cue from Cally's comment: belatedly a happy birthday. Are you a pisces too?
Uschi hat gesagt…
Mien, hehee, I like fungi a lot, both variations, the un- and eatables, delicious, beautiful, bizarre and so often working in secret...Not yucky at all.
The worktop is my desk, which is really big and covered with paper, but *oinkoink* no paper to create with..
And yes, a wall made of thin layers of wood woulb be fantastic!

Martine, die Natur ist ohne jeden Kitsch der größte Künstler. Hör mal, was ich gelesen habe ( leider kenn ich den Autor nicht:
"we humans do not save beauty, rather beauty saves us!"

Julie, I've no idea, what kind of wood it is...I would gess beech from the rest i saw. The bottom image are two small parts from the side of the worktop like a first cut or lateral-cut.

Jude, it's like if nature tries to re-organize the documentation of the tree.

Cally, dear, thanks for the birthday wishes I take them for my daily re-birth ;)), I'm a capricorn so I still have some time to wait..

Marjojo, I will finish the drawing/watercolour this weekend.
And I will have to deal with the carpenter to cut me very thin slices of wood to do some experimeting with these...
babelfish hat gesagt…
These are stunning, I love how time in nature can create even more beautiful things.

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