Gesichter / faces

ich übe....ich ü bleibt mir gar nichts anderes übrig...Nein, das Aquarell ( der letzten Woche)ist nicht vorzeigbar, in die Ecke geworfen und ich übe...Gesichter...das was mir am schwersten fällt!
Die eine Sache ist, zu verstehen, wie ein Gesicht "funktioniert", das andere ist, in der Lage zu sein, eines wirklich wiederzugeben...diese Landschaft mit all ihren Besonderheiten.
Hier sind zwei Übungsstücke der letzten Tage ( die den Originalen nicht wirklich gleichen) und das andere, das bunte: zeig ich nicht mehr her...

I'm practising...I'm practising...I have no choice...No, The watercolour ( of last week) is not presentable, thrown into the corner and I'm practising...faces...the biggest challenge for me!
One thing is to understand the "function" of a face, the other thing is to be able to express this in a painting...this landscape with all its particularities.
Here are two exercises from the last days ( which are not similiar to the originals) and the other one...the coloured one: will not be shown again...

Am Ende aber noch Gesichter, die mir diese Woche über den Weg liefen und die ich sehenswert finde:
At the end some faces, which crossed my way this week and which I love to share with you:

unseen dharamsala
Kumi Yamashita viaragandbone


d e a r hat gesagt…
Guten abend!

First I liked the second the best... But then, as I looked at the laughing picture as a big picture I liked it! It has a VERY good expression. Life. I would personally not mark each tooth that much. (too thick lines between the teeth) I would make the eyes on each person slightly more different from eachother.

What is the status-report for today, Uschi?
Martine hat gesagt…
Du machst es dir nicht einfach Uschi. Gesichter und aquarel, die zwei schwierigsten sachen die es gibt. Na dann, viel spass und ein schoenes wochenende.
tiel hat gesagt…
faces and feet! the hardest to draw. so complex with such differences in shape, form, colour, tone, shadow light.

I can draw a face and be happy with it. then in a few days, look at it again and think how wrong I was!

continue to be brave and show us your faces. the more you do, the better you get.....AND DON'T THROW THEM AWAY. File and use them to see how you can improve your techniques.
julie hat gesagt…
Uschi, I love your paintings - they have so much character and you can feel the personaliy of these people - which is so important. i now what you mean about 'challenge' - im the same with faces and i try and conquer this fear.You have done a great job and i think its a matter of practise and feeling easy with the face structure.

When i have done a sculture of a head, i learnt so much about the structure - there is so much to learn - neverending.

Have a lovely week xxx
Uschi hat gesagt…
Danke euch allen für so ein tolles detailliertes Feedback!!
Thanks to all of you for such a wonderful and detailed feedback.

Olga, I know, their teeth are mmmhhh! but it has been one of their most pregnant attributes. OK! I'll show the original these days!
The status report for today: a bit upside down, bouncing with energy not relaxed and happy: bzzzbbzzz!

Martine, ich weiß dass ich es mir nicht leicht mache, aber Gesichter sind etwas ungeheuer faszinierendes!!

I won't through it away!! It's just that I want to learn so that what I paint is not accidentially good. I want to be able to control it.

thank you so much. I like these faces, too, now that I stopped to compare them with the original.
It's just, that sometimes you know by sure, that the next stroke of the brush will destroy everything but the bullish part of you wants to go through it...and then you lose...