die Früchte der Nascherei / the fruits of the sweet tooth

wir haben schon viel über dieses Türglas nachgedacht,
und es hat uns nie so richtig erfreut.
Erfreut haben uns allerdings die leckeren Pralinen in der Winterzeit und,
da sie alle in so herrlich bunten Kunststoffhüllchen eingewickelt waren,
fangen diese nun das Licht an dieser Tür...mit dem immer noch nicht so richtig schönen Glas.

we already gave some thought to the glass-filling of this door,
haven't been realy happy about it.
But we were happy about the yummy chocolates during wintertime,
all wrapped up in wonderful coloured sheets of plastic,
they know catch the light at this door...with the still not very beautiful glass.


redredday hat gesagt…
oh Uschi, this is so sweet! ;). the colors make me happy. i like the overlapping of them and how they form these wavering edges. whimsical and fun. and i want some yummy chocolate toooo. :].
tine hat gesagt…
Oh that is indeed sweet, quite literally ;-)
What a fabulous idea! It looks so pretty, I would have never guessed it was candy wrappers. I thought you had painted it with glass paint.
julie hat gesagt…
A sweet line of whimsical-ness making something ugly a little more happy :) xx
tiel hat gesagt…
my grandfather had a door like this that led from his kitchen to an outer porch. I loved it. I still remember the sound it made. It was a sliding door.

I actually like it.
babelfish hat gesagt…
You painted on it? it's wonderful.
babelfish hat gesagt…
Ooh...candy wrappers, so very clever uschi!