Teezeit.../ teatime...

Bei Olga gibt es um 9.00 (GMT) Tee....wie schön...leider sind schon alle Pralinen gegessen, aber ein Tässchen grüner Tee ist fein...zusammen mit Freunden!!
Welche Tasse hättet ihr gerne?
Bis gleich!

There will be a little teatime over at Olga at 9.00(GMT). Sorry, but all chocolates are already eaten, but a cup of green tea would really be nice...together with friends!!
Which cup do you prefer??
See you in a bit!


d e a r hat gesagt…
Wow Uschi!!!! How very, very cosy it looks there! Lets have tea again soon!

TopChamp hat gesagt…
you guys are funny!

Hope you enjoyed your cuppas.
Babelfish hat gesagt…
It does look cozy over there, would love a cup of tea :)
Di hat gesagt…
I missed tea!!! I was so busy I couldn't get away! Next time!!!
Anonym hat gesagt…
Mhhhh, sieht ja super gemuetlich aus! Tee ist was feines! Ich liebee es Tee zu trinken, einfach herrlich!

d e a r hat gesagt…
Do you have souch gorgeous cups with lids in your house?
julie hat gesagt…
Oh i missed teatime with you guys!!
Lovely photos to warm us up :)
Hugs xxx
Uschi hat gesagt…
It will be nice to have tea again with you all!!

Olga these cups with lids are very simple chinese ones from the asia-shop ;) I love them, too.

Yes topchamp, its funny ;)) but it's such a nice thing to meet "a little closer"!

Tine, I hope you are fine!!!!

B.,Di and Julie I hope you'll join us the next time!
Anonym hat gesagt…
Yes I am fine!! Thanks for asking ;) I was too lazy to write in English earlier, it is nice sometimes to "speak" my mothertongue, sigh!
saloia hat gesagt…
i missed it!

next time

and you look so sweet in this picture!