Wochenende / weekend

einfach nur entspannend...
..eine Terrasse
..solch ein gigantischer Ausblick auf die Weinberge der Mosel
..und ein grauslicher Kaffee ;)

simply relaxing...
..a terrace
..such a gigantic view to the vineyards at the Mosel
..and a horrible cup of coffee ;)


O L G A hat gesagt…

Is that the view you have from the terrace where you are relaxing in the sun?

Is that a view from your home?

Cheers from
curious Olga
Uschi hat gesagt…
Olga, this is the view we had, sitting on the terrace of a café this weekend, celebrating a birthday!
jude hat gesagt…
wow, it is like an imaginary place....
cruststation hat gesagt…
What a beautiful place, amazing!!
Great photo panning too :)
Uschi hat gesagt…
Jude, it's really enchanted ( if you manage to overhear the roaring sound of the motorbikes on the serpentines ;))

Cruststation, I loved to sit there for hours!!

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