Still / silent

Es ist ein wenig ruhig hier in den nächsten beiden Wochen, weil wir Urlaub haben und das heißt auch ein wenig Computer-Urlaub.
Für die Zwischenzeit hier ein Stickbild zum ruhigen, konzentrierten Arbeiten ( nach einem Mosaik aus......der Alhambra??) Zählt ruhig, wenn's euch Spaß macht!
Passt auf euch auf!

It will be a bit quiet here throughout the following two weeks, because we've got holidays and that also means a bit of computer-holidays.
For the meantime a cross-stich for silent and concentrated work ( after a mosaique at......the Alhambra??) Count, if you like it!
Take care!


Di hat gesagt…
Hi Uschi
Hope you have a great holidays and blog break! Look forward to seeing you back in a couple of weeks.
redredday hat gesagt…
wow. did you make this? sure is a work of quiet concentration and patience. i like the subtle shades of blues.

have a wonderful break! hope it will be filled with much inspiration that you will come back and share with us! ;).
cruststation hat gesagt…
Have a wonderful holiday Uschi, hope you find time for some creativity.
julie hat gesagt…
Hi Uschi,
time away is good -i hope youre enjoying youre holidays!!

This is lovely - lots of patience needed xxx
tulibri hat gesagt…
Hallo Uschi,

Du wurdest "getagged"! Falls Du mehr wissen möchtest, lies hier weiter:

Lieben Gruß,
Uschi hat gesagt…
Hi all!

@Di: it really has been good, lots of new ideas in my head!!!

@ redredday: yes I made this. I took the pattern from a phot I saw in a book and it took me nearly one year to finish it ;)

@cruststation: the creativity-level has been low during these holidays, the more I long to restart now!

@Julie: Hi-welcome back!!! Looking forward to hear more from you!!

@tulibri: uff! I can't imagine 6 weird things about me, but I'll give it a try!!
Welcome here, Astrid!