Ongoings on the travelling journals

Do you remember?
Travelling journals
It has been some time that I asked for participiants to this project. Since we are currently 9 people, there is room for somebody who likes to take part.
Please re-read the first post and if you could imagine to have fun in this project, pleas drop me a line!


helle hat gesagt…
Oh Uschi........ this sounds like fun. Have you room for one more?
O L G A hat gesagt…
You all will have fun with this!! I wish I´ld live in another continent so that you´ld have use for me too :-)
Uschi hat gesagt…
@ Helle and Olga:
you've got mail ;)))
iwannaeatporkchoptonight hat gesagt…
Hi Uschi,

I love your idea and would like to participate if there's room for one more person :) I'm from Malaysia.


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