would that be fun......??

since I saw this post on Babelfishs site, I " go pregnant with the idea" ( German phrase ) of a certain kind of journal. So I would very much like to start the following project:

I would like to find 12 people who each start a journal writing/drawing/painting/glueing/sewing something about their part of the world, the way they live, the art they do, the things they like and...so...on...

After one month, the journals should travel to the next participant...and... so... on....

and...after 12 months they will come back to their author, like a small ( or big) all-around-the-world-treasure-box, filled with emotions, impressions and inspiration.

I would appreciate very much to find at least one person from every continent!!

This is the short version. I'd like to do the whole thing in English. And this will NOT be virtual. I'd like you to create or buy a journal with enough pages.......how much ever that would be.

I will wait up to the end of June for interested waves from anywhere!! Then there will be the official "rules"paper....

I'm bouncing with exitement: will you be interested???????????


glasgarage hat gesagt…
hallo liebe uschi

so eine schöne idee! ach könnt ich bloss besser englisch schreiben, ich wär dabei!
ich wünsche dir viele mitmachende, damit die journale vielfältig und umfangreich werden.
die 7 antworten aus der glasgarage folgen übrigens noch:-)
und ps: schickst mir bitte deine mail- adresse. hab da noch eine steinreiche antwort die ich dir schulde...
liebe grüsse an dich, du vielfältige künstlerin
cruststation hat gesagt…
Hey, I think this is a great idea (although I don't have much time to take part in another project at the moment). I'll help you announce your idea and hope you get more responses. Good luck!
sia hat gesagt…
what a great idea!
Can I take part in this project?
I'll post a link on my blog later on,

cheers from Amsterdam
Uschi hat gesagt…
@Annemarie: wenn du meinen Text lesen konntest: wo ist das Problem!!Überlegs dir doch noch mal ;)

@cruststation: thanks a lot for the initial idea and the support!!!

@ sia: a big somersault: welcome and great that you will take part!!
Tine hat gesagt…
hi Uschi!

Fabelhafte Idee!! I'm all in! So cross Canada off your list of continents, hehe.
What will you do with teh journal in the end?? Maybe you cvan make coloured copies of it and that way reproduce it so we can all have a copy of it??? I'd love that otherwise I'll never see what everyone put in it after i had it... das waere ja schade bei so viel Muehe.

Your lovely spot will be on its way soon, too. if only they could virtualize the air mail somehow, haahah that'd be awesome ;-)
Uschi hat gesagt…
@ tine:
each of the participants will start a journal, so we will have about 12 journals travelling around in a circle.

And: I have a notice from Julie/handmaid, that she will take part :)))
mariannealice hat gesagt…
Please tell me that you still need somebody from Australia? I would love to take part....
Uschi hat gesagt…
Hi Mariannealice,
I'm very happy, that you will take part! Great!
julie hat gesagt…
ok well im written down already!!! xx
Dawn hat gesagt…
I'd like to take part...I'm in the United States...I'm authoring a book for Rockport that will showcase 1000 ARtist Journal Pages, so this is right up my alley...

Dawn hat gesagt…
Oops. Let me leave me e-mail address: dawn_sokol@yahoo.com

Thanks! Dawn
Di hat gesagt…
If you still need someone else to take part I would be interested.

Diane in Scotland

Let me know if you need my email!
amy hat gesagt…

i would love to take part if you still need people? i live in australia.

amy x
Uschi hat gesagt…
@ Dawn,Di and Amy,

..yipee!! Welcome! So currently we are eight!!

@all: it's so interesting to visit your sites and find new inspiration and themes to think about. What more will it be to carry a monthly changing journal in my pocket and look out for pieces of my world which could be interesting to the journal-author.I'm happy, that you all want to join in!!!!

A big smile and a giant weekend!!
TopChamp hat gesagt…
Hi - I also think this is a fab plan! I see you have a Scotland already, but I wish you the best of luck!!
Caty hat gesagt…
I will love to participate as well. I am in France now but I will go soon to Venezuela for holydays (I am originally from there so I will include information and art from there) I love postal art and have travelling journals. I have been waiting for something like that!!!
Please let me know!
Uschi hat gesagt…
Now, see what we've got up to now:

Mariannealice /Australia
Dawn/United States
Di/ Scotland
Amy/ Australia
Caty/ France

@topchamp: please don't be angry, if I put you to the reserve-list. I would so much like to find somebody from Asia or Africa to raise the shipping costs a bit ;))
But I will keep you informed!!

And: if there are many more people interested, we could also start two circles!!
Have a lovely weekend all!
joei hat gesagt…
Hi, will you need one from Japan, it will be my great pleasure! I am origin from Hong Kong but living in Tokyo.
Uschi hat gesagt…
Hi @Joei and welcome to the project!! I just took a quick look to your pages and will do more later.

joei hat gesagt…
Thanks for having me!It really sounds so much fun.
Caty hat gesagt…
Thank you Uschi! waiting for rules now
Di hat gesagt…
Hello! I am just back from a weekend away - I am excited!! My email if you need it is dianedundee @ yahoo . co . uk

It sounds like it should be a lot of fun!

mariannealice hat gesagt…
I forgot toleave my email! I was so excited about the project....mdhorton@optusnet(dot)com(dot)au
Can't wait to get started...

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