Neuigkeiten/ News

Die einzige Neuigkeit ist, dass ich fleißig bin, oder versuche, es zu sein.;) Deshalb nur ein Bild eines neuen Schmuckstückes.
The only news is, that I'm busy working, or try to do so.;) So here is only a shot of a new piece of jewellery.

travelling-journals :
I'm very happy, that nearly all 12 participants to the travelling-journals-project are already found. I did a little research on the net and found, that
others had exactly the
same idea before....the world is small :))). So I give it a big thought, the news from the other pages don't sound that enthusiastic: I want it to work!!!!! I want every book to return save and filled to his owner!!!! You will hear from me within one week!!
MarianneAlice, I will need your mail-Adress, mine is in my profile.

Macht's gut!
Have a great time!


cruststation hat gesagt…
I love this jewellery piece, beautiful design and colours. Good luck with your journal project!
julie hat gesagt…
oh your jewellery is wonderful Uschi!!!
Caty hat gesagt…
love your jewellery!