Donnerstag, 20. September 2007

Selbstüberlistung / finessing myself

ich mag es, morgens früh einen reifen Apfel vom Baum zu pflücken, noch tau-nass, frisch und kühl, wie einer dieser Herbsttage im Moment. Das sind die besten Äpfel, die es gibt!
Leider hab ich seit unserem Umzug vor einem Jahr keinen Apfelbaum mehr vor der Haustür und ess nur noch halb so gern Äpfel...
I love to pick an apple from a tree in the morning, wet from the dew, crisp and cool, like one of these autumn-days at the moment. These are the best apples you get!
Since we moved house last year there is no more apple-tree in front of my door and I don't eat as much apples as before...

und gestern abend ...plötzlich...die Lösung:
and yesterday evening...suddenly... a solution:

Heute früh gab's Äpfel aus dem Kühlschrank! Nur mit dem Morgentau klappt es nicht so recht... This morning I had apples from the fridge! But I still have to work out the morning-dew a bit...


Marjojo hat gesagt…

Hey, das ist ja was, Du schreibst in deutsch und englisch! I find translating extremely difficult, what I say in German is slightly different to what and how I'd say it in English, as if my mind forked into two not quite parallel paths, and I've come to prefer English, feel really comfortable in it but am still constantly and newly excitable about it. Anyway, I've come to you through Red red day and have smiled at your jewelry in unconventional places, esp. the small white antenna! And of course the red spiral-box-thingemy, as I am enamoured with almost anything red. Your watercolour-paintig called Puberty has also caught my eye, I like that it's celebratory, something about the Goddess about it, and that gorgeous vibrant red, it’s fiery and elemental and powerful, and the blue-black background like a combination of water and rock and ashes. I wish we had positive rituals for girls and their first period, not this emphasis on hiding everything to do with mentrual blood. I’ll visit again!

risa hat gesagt…

i loooooooooooooove apples too!

cruststation hat gesagt…

Oh, you are so funny!! How lovely to have been able to wake up, pick an apple from a tree and eat it fresh :) Hope you find a solution to the dew...

O L G A hat gesagt…

A spray-can!

I could EXACTLY remember and feel how that was to have one of THOSE apples

Uschi hat gesagt…

Hi marjojo,
so nice to meet you here!
You made me very curious wether you've got "German" roots or not!! And this thing about writing in different languages and my feelings about it is worth a blog-post next week!! Since I'll have no camera for the next two weeks I'll have to do some "flat" work in any case!!
I think you pefectly got the idea of "Puberty"! Thanks!

@ Risa, cruststaion and Olga:
yes yes, I took the spray-can ;)
for the photo! And I'm singing an Irish " morning-dew-song" while spraying!

julie hat gesagt…

My favourites are also red crispy apples!!!

Hugs to you xxx

rosenrot hat gesagt…

Liebe Uschi,
leg doch abends den Apfel in einen anderen Baum in deinem Garten. Der denkt dann, es wüchsen jetzt Äpfel an ihm und du hast den Apfel morgens schön kalt und taubedeckt.

Uschi hat gesagt…

@ Juli,
they are delicious, aren't they, and so much more beautiful, than the green ones!

@rosenrot: Ja hallo!!! Schön, dass du hier bist! Leider hab ich nur ein geschenktes mini-kleines Ballerina-Apfelbäumchen...ich glaub, das würde sich veräppelt fühlen, würde ich ihm Äppel in die Zweiglein legen.
Magst du mir verraten, wo ich deine Seite finde, dann kann ich dich auch mal besuchen!