Mittwoch, 5. September 2007

Schnappschüsse Teil 2 / snapshots part 2

ein langer Spaziergang über Hügel und Tal:
a long walk around hills and valleys:

ein Blatt, ausgebleicht von der nicht existierenden Sommersonne...wie Papier
a leave, bleached by the non-existing paper

immer noch Folgen von "Kyrill" aus dem Januar, ganze Wälde liegen noch so da,wenn man hindurchgeht, fühlt man sich wie ein Zwerg im Riesen-Mikado
still some remains of the heavy storm"Kyrill" from January, whole forests are lying like this...crossing them you feel like a gnome in a giants "Mikado"-game.

grüne Flechten auf dem Gestein, ich mag dieses sanfte leuchtende Grün.
green lichen on stone, I love this smoothly shining green.

Zurück im Dorf diese wunderbaren Farben in einem zerfallenen Häuschen
Back in the village these wonderful colours in a shattered little house.


O L G A hat gesagt…

Thanks for this was a refreshing walk you took me along at. I think you´re like me: you don´t just walk fast, fast. But you look at the details and "feel" your walk. And I love sitting down every now and then...

Glad that you´re back again after your silence!

jude hat gesagt…

great little pieces of inspiration

Uschi hat gesagt…

@Olga and Jude,

thanks! Yes, I like to "walk-in-details" and love to have a camera with me. I also memorice many things without having active access to use them afterwars. But deep in my mind there is a store and sometimes something "pops" to the surface again...

The other way of walking is: together, deep in thoughts and talks, not knowing at all, which way you have walked afterwards, not seeing anything exept the things in your mind :)

cruststation hat gesagt…

I adore these images of old buildings, I must visit Germany soon, definitely ask you for more travel info when that time comes :)

julie hat gesagt…

i love these greens and the textures and the feel of nature.

Sorry for disappearing xxx

Uschi hat gesagt…

@cruststation: please do it! I'd love to give you some infos. I've already moved 16 times to different parts of Germany.........(not funny any more)..

@ Julie: thanks and lots of lots of lots of energy and patience to you!